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Brake ServiceKeep Your Brakes Running Like New

     Brake pads are the most important part of your braking system. As the brakes are applied, their contact with the brake rotors are what allows you to stop. Over time, this interaction causes brake pads to gradually wear down, reducing your ability to safely stop your vehicle.

We recommend replacing your brake pads after they have worn to less than 1⁄8” of an inch, often signal by a squealing wear indicator located in the brake pad.

   Brake pad wear beyond this point will lead to severe damage to the brake rotors by having metal components inside the brake rotors make contact. Rotor replacement is a costly repair and can be easily prevented by having your brake pads replaced at the recommended intervals.

    Brake failure can lead to accidents which endanger the lives of you and your passengers and other motorists on the road. Replace your brake pads if you hear squealing brakes.

    If your brakes haven’t been inspected recently, don’t hesitate to ask your service writer to have a technician perform a brake inspection during your next visit.

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