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Remote Start for your Toyota

Brrrrrr! Winter temperatures are brutal on cars and drivers!  Stop the suffering with a remote start program.  With the touch of a button your car turns on, heat on full blast, fire up the seat warmers! Get in your car, nice and cozy, ready to hit the road.


Our Remote Start products start at $429 (plus tax) including installation.  Our Remote Start products include a lifetime warranty.  As long as you own your car, that remote start is guaranteed to work!  Upgraded features and range can be added on.


A lot of customers ask us "Does adding remote start void my car's warranty?"  Great question, but absolutely not!  And as we mentioned, should any issues ever rise due to the remote start, it will be repaired or replaced to operate perfectly.


We also provide a complimentary loaner vehicle upon request for any remote start installations.  The process takes a few hours so we make it a priority to make this a convenient process for you. 


Fill out the contact form to the right or just call Rob Halderson at (708) 318-0837 to schedule your installation!

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