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Tire CenterImprove Fuel Economy. Maintain your Tires

        Your vehicle’s tires are equally responsible as the most important part of the performance of your car, as well as the safety of you and your car. Most Toyotas are equipped with TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. You will see this pressure warning light appear on your dashboard when ever your tires under, or over inflated. We suggest having a tire pressure monitor like this one stored in your glove box in case you suspect the tires are running low. Sudden cold temperatures can cause a drop in tire pressure. Don’t be too alarmed if your tires appear inflated but your TPMS warning light is on. Bring in your vehicle to Oak Lawn Toyota and we can add air, free of charge.

      There are many different factors that determine the lifespan of a tire. Toyota recommends to replace tires after 6 years even if there is tread remaining. The tires tread wears thin after tens of thousands of miles braking and accelerating against the road.

      Due to uneven wear, we recommend that you rotate your tires every 5,000 miles to help improve traction and fuel economy. Toyota also recommends that you check tire balance at every major tune-up.

      Oak Lawn Toyota offers tires to suit any Toyota vehicle, most of them are in stock and ready to be installed. Our technicians will notify of the remaining tread on your vehicle at every service interval. As you approach the red area on the scale, we will recommend that you replace your tires, especially when we are approaching winter.

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