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Oak Lawn Toyota Supports Those in Need

Ronnie Colosimo, President and Dealer Principal of Oak Lawn Toyota Helps People in Need

Ronnie Colosimo is one of the founding members of Restoration Ministries, a thriving Christian-based organization located in Harvey, IL. Established in 1988 with the sole purpose of helping men struggling with addictions. Today, Restoration Ministries serves all segments of the population with a special emphasis on at-risk, disadvantaged children and teens.

Restoration’s mission is based on the familiar scripture verse from Matthew 25:35-36:
For I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink;
I was a stranger and you invited me in,
naked and you clothed me; 
I was sick and you took care of me, 
in prison and you visited me.

Indeed, Restoration Ministries serves the least of our brothers by providing for their basic needs as well as offering hurting people life-changing opportunities. Last year, Restoration Ministries’ staff and dedicated volunteers served more than 3,000 people through its 26 different programs. Here is the list of programs offered at Restoration Ministries:

  • Harvey House
    • 253 E. 159th St. Harvey, IL
    • A free, residential 18-month Christian training program for men who have overcome their addictions. Men interested in entering Harvey House must call 708-333-3370 to schedule an interview.

  • Tabitha House
    • 456 E. 163rd St., South Holland, IL
    • A free, 18-month residential Christian training facility for women who have struggled with addictions. Women interested in entering Tabitha House must call 708-333-0607 to schedule an interview.

  • Restoration Ministries Thrift Stores
    • 14950 Dixie Hwy., Harvey, 351 W. 162nd St., South Holland. Mon. – Sat , 10 – 6
    • Our Thrift Stores sell quality, used furniture, appliances, and clothing at low costs and provide jobs and job training to Harvey House and Tabitha House residents. Proceeds support Restoration Ministries.

  • Seniors Ministry
    • Harvey YMCA, Thursdays, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
    • Volunteers visit the seniors living at the Harvey YMCA for a weekly bible study.

  • Food Pantry
    • 253 E. 159th St., Harvey Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.,
    • Our Food Pantry provides free groceries to Harvey residents. We serve 80 to 120 families weekly.

  • The Christmas Toy Store
    • A unique way to provide toys to children from low-income families by making toys available to community residents at a minimal cost. Toys are priced between $1.00 and $5.00.

  • Boxes of Love Distribution
    • Groceries for a complete traditional Thanksgiving meal are distributed to Harvey residents.

  • Inner City Interns
    • Young adults from around the United States come to Restoration Ministries for hands-on training on working with urban outreaches.

  • Branden House Outreach
    • Mondays
    • Volunteers and Harvey House and Tabitha House residents visit this drug treatment facility to conduct bible studies and build relationships with recovering addicts.

  • Women of Redemption
    • Tabitha House graduates visit prisons, drug treatment facilities and churches to inspire women by sharing their testimonies. To have them speak to your group call 333-3370.
  • C.O.R.D.S., Prison Outreach
    • Christian Operation Restoration & Discipleship Safehouse. A team of men travels to Stateville Prison and Cook County Prison for bible studies and counseling.

  • Youth Programs
    • For information on our Youth Programs,Click Here.

  • Cultural Impact on the Village of Oak Lawn:
    • 95th Street in Oak Lawn has long been known as the ‘car dealer corridor’. When south-siders are looking for a vehicle, they turn to that strip on 95th Street in Oak Lawn to do their shopping. Ronnie Colosimo’s Oak Lawn Toyota (initially called Oak Lawn Dodge, subsequently Oak Lawn Dodge and Toyota) has been a tentpole of that street for 50 years. Business owners flocked to 95th st. because they saw the success of Mr. Colosimo’s business and wanted to serve the area with the same enthusiasm. Locals know the familiar drive up and down 95th St. because they trust they will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for—whether a new car or the best pizza. Ronnie Colosimo has established that loyalty and a sense of familiarity with locals, but most importantly, he helped build the recognition and infamy of what we recognize as 95th St. today.

  • Historical Impact to the Village of Oak Lawn:
    • Ronnie Colosimo intentionally chose the Village of Oak Lawn for 50 years for his business because he valued the tight-knit community and the residents who called it home. Over the years, he had been lured to other areas of Chicago but Mr. Colosimo was adamant that his business stays in Oak Lawn. No one can deny that his presence has brought economic prosperity to the community and it is with humility and a deep sense of gratitude that he continues to serve the people of Oak Lawn.

  • Humanitarian Efforts:
    • While Oak Lawn Toyota is an important part of Mr. Colosimo’s life, it’s his family and his faith that remain his top priorities. Seeing the world through this lens, Ronnie gives back to his community to honor those relationships. From his close rapport with Advocate Christ, Advocate Children’s Hospital, and the Ronald McDonald House, Ronnie has supported these institutions in hopes of helping families and children going through medical hardships. It is his belief that every child and family deserves access to the best medical care for their ailments and Ronnie counts it a privilege to assist the unparalleled efforts of the staff at Christ, Hope, and the Ronald McDonald House of Oak Lawn.
    • In addition, Ronnie gives to incredible organizations like Park Lawn, Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ’s Food Bank, Elim Christian Services, and the USO of Illinois, amongst others. Every summer, Oak Lawn Toyota hosts a BBQ in conjunction with other local car dealers to raise money for the USO of Illinois. Each year, Ronnie’s contributions garner press for the Village of Oak Lawn when local news stations like ABC7 and WGN-TV come out to Oak Lawn Toyota to cover the event. Further, Mr. Colosimo has sponsored local little league teams so that kids can enjoy their summers playing one of Ronnie’s favorite sports—baseball.
    • Closest to Ronnie’s heart is the non-profit he helped establish called Restoration Ministries located in Harvey, IL. Restoration Ministries provides hope and life-changing opportunities to recovering addicts, at- risk youth, and families, and seniors struggling in poverty. In addition to being a founding member, Mr. Colosimo is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. While Restoration Ministries might be known for their in-treatment programs to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, Ronnie is most proud of the work they’ve done to help children and families. Restoration Ministries has excellent programs to address the educational, physical, and emotional needs of children. Programs like Bread for the Head Reading Program, After School Tutoring, Chess Club, Summer Day Camp, Spring Break Camp, Youth Group, and Kids Cafe which provides nutritious meals to children and teens every day after school and during the summer (for some, this may be their only full meal of the day). Moreover, Restoration Ministries offers high-quality visual and performing arts classes along with a plethora of traditional art classes at their Sullivan Arts Center for kids. And the Harvey Boxing Club gives boys and girls the opportunity to be trained in the sport of boxing.
    • As the father of four daughters and nine (soon to be ten) grandchildren, Ronnie recognizes the opportunities he has been able to provide for his family and strives to give other kids the tools they need and the room to grow into successful adults, regardless of socioeconomic status. Mr. Colosimo has nurtured Restoration Ministries from a nonprofit aimed at helping men struggling with addiction to a thriving organization that sees the importance of lifting up kids so that they have opportunities to thrive and contribute to their communities.
  • Association with the Village of Oak Lawn:
    • For fifty years, Ronnie has kept his business in Oak Lawn because he loves the people in the community and believes that it’s a wonderful place to conduct business.

  • Geographical Relationship to Focus of Interest:
    • As the proud son of Italian immigrants, Ronnie built up his business from virtually nothing. Oak Lawn Toyota has been a mainstay on 95th Street and Kolin Avenue for fifty years because Ronnie worked tirelessly to serve his customers and the community at large. He kept his doors open because he believes that Oak Lawn was and is the best place to do business. Ronnie is honored to be a part of the Oak Lawn business community.

    For more information on any of these programs or to learn how you can help, please call 708-333-3370 unless otherwise noted.

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